S-Factor Lyrics

Hard To Get Lyrics

My friends think that I can have anyone I want
But it's not true
You must of known that I thought just the same
Till I'm with you
You have been a challange in every way
Thats what I like
And I will live each dying day
Until your mine
Everyone wants this but you never let it show
You got me wondering but boy I think I should know
Do you want me

Your so hard to get
You were the only one I can't forget
You got me wondering since the day we met
Your so hard to get

We all know loves a game so all you guys you can't forget
There is only one game I like to play
Its hard to get
The only boy I find so hard to beat
My love its you
Desire was a foreign word to me
I never knew
The only one that I knew
Eveyone wanted this
Love is a target
But with you I always missed
Do you want me

Chorus (2x)