Gerald Levert & Kelly Price -

It Hurts Too Much To Stay -

[Kelly] Candlelight and chocolate kisses
Calls to say you missed me when we started
[G] Your nails was done, your hair was pressed
I miss the way you used to dress when I met you
I really, really do
[Kelly] I gave my best for years
My time was wasted, yeah
[G] See, I shared your fears
And the tears you cried, I tasted
[Kelly] Baby, I loved your kiss
[G] I know you did
[Kelly] Opened up our home, yes I did
[G] Paid your mamma's bills
Gave you all when you had nothing

1 - [Gerald & Kelly]
Love you so, can't let go
Never thought I'd be without you
Can't imagine life without you

Walk away, every day
Told me that you'd never leave
But now you say it hurts too much to stay

[Kelly] Too much to stay
[G] Said it's hard for me
It was hard for me
[G] Your lover's staying with his mom
Tell me was it worth the drama, baby
See we got our own kids, yeah
[Kelly] If there had to be another
Why go trickin' in the gutter
And driving our shit
Boo hoo hoo baby
[G] Say I know he can't
Put that thing down like I do, no
[Kelly] Baby that was the past
You don't roll like you used to
[G] Said what's my motivation
Girl I'm better off alone, yeah
[Kelly] Tell me why can't we just walk away
[Both] Why are we so torn

Repeat 1 while:
[G] Baby, baby, baby
[Both] Never meant to hurt you, no no no
[G] You walk away from me
Tell me why did you change
Why did you change

[Kelly] Can it be all that we have hoped and prayed for
Now is gone away

[G] Oh baby everything (Everything)
Our hopes and dreams
They are no longer
We can't go back
The way it used to be
Said now, now, really

Repeat 1 while:
[Kelly] I really love you baby, baby
[G] Oh, oh, oh yeah
[Kelly] See I never thought
[G] But you changed
[K] Whoo oh
[G] Why you have to do me this way babe
[Kelly] Never meant to hurt you baby
[G] Got me tossin' and turnin' and
[G] And I dont' know, I don't know, can't you see
[Kelly] Gerald, can't it be the same
No never again, no
Never again, no
[G] No
[Kelly] I'm callin your name
[G] I hear ya callin' me
[Kelly] Gerald, I love ya babe
[G] Said I'm coming when you call me baby
[Kelly] Baby, yeah
No, no, no, come home to me baby
[G] Said you got me walking around all mixed up
And I don't know what to say baby
[Kelly] Tell me that you love me
[G] Don't know what to do baby
[Kelly] Just tell me that you need me
[G] I love you, I need you, I want you
Come to me Kelly
[Kelly] You didn't love her, and you didn't need her
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
[G] Kelly
[Kelly] No, no, no, no, no, no
[G] What do I have to do
[Kelly I never ever ever thought
[G] To convince you
[Kelly] Come home, I really love you
[G] Try to make you understand that I'm only just a man
[Kelly] Goin' to jail cuz I killed your girl
Goin' to jail cuz I killed your girl
[G] Come on now, don't do this now
Come on now, don't do this now
[Kelly] Your body belongs to me
She can't have you no matter what she thinks
No, no, no, no, no, no
No no no