Joe Diffie Lyrics

John Deere Green Lyrics

They were farm kids way down in Dixie
They met in high school in the sixties
Everyone knew it was love from the start
One July in the midnight hour
He climbed upon the water tower
Stood on the rail and painted a ten foot heart

In John Deere Green
On a hot summer night
He wrote Billy Bob loves Charlene
In letters three foot high
And the whole town said
That he should have used red
But it looked good to Charlene
In John Deere green

They settled down on eighty acres
Raising sweet corn, kids and tomatoes
They went together like a hand and a glove
On a clear day from their front yard
If you look and know what to look for
Off to the east you can still read his words of love

repeat CHORUS

Now more than once the town has discovered
that paintin over it ain't no use
There ain't no paint that'll cover it
if the heart still shows through