Vybe Lyrics

If I Cry Lyrics

if i cry.. (if i cry.. )
will u be there to dry.. the tears from my eyes?
if i fall.. (if i fall...)
will u be there to catch me?
i need u to ...

comfort me.. (comfort me..) from the rain the only thing that takes away the pain,
(the only thing that takes the pain)
from deep inside my heart..(my mind) my mind and soul.. and when i cry

when i cry...(when i cry..) when i cry..(when i cry..)
will u be there to hold me to comfort and to guide?
when i'm hurting..
when i'm hurting.. (if i am hurting..)
will u be there to take.. to take away the pain?

emotions takin over me..
i'll never leave i can only breathe
when it's u that i want, and u that i need
so baby come home to me.. oooh.. hey.. yayeah..

will u dry my eyes?
(will u wipe the tears away?)
if i cry.. if i cry.....
will u dry my eyes?

if i cry, if i cry…