Saukrates -

Ay, Ay, Ay -

Alright, east side
Big dogs, oh yeah
We coming through with this
You know what I'm saying
On that same vibe
Know what I'm saying, I mean
When you get to this mic, when you see this microphone
You got to see this microphone as you woman
Your plate of food, you know what I'm saying
Whether it's soul food, West Indian, whatever it may be
Be gone
Yo, uh, yo
Ay ay ay, leaving niggas with nothing to say-ay-ay
Go on fay-ay-ay, partners and compadre-ay-ays
Menu for today-ay-ay happens to be the emcee-ay-ay
With a slice of ham and a sunny side ay-ay-egg
I choose a new style to play-ay-ay
Me and James Ingram found more than a hundred way-ay-ays
Say say say what? Me and my niggas came to parlay-ay-ay
You couldn't fuck with us tomorrow or today-ay-ay
Lay back, keep it smooth Marvin Gaye-ay-way
Shit bangin harder than my ay-ay-A-K spray-ay-ay
Never cuse those who player hay-ay-ate
Eventually y'all will come around my way-ay-ay
Like I said nothing to say-ay-ay
You fake niggas stray way like the mind of a child born into K-K-K
Ain't a dollar sign out there to match my resume-ay-ay
But if you insist, I'll take a mill-ion today-ay-ay-ay-ay
Save the other ten for me-ay-ay
Stutter stutter rap, bringing it back to slay-ay-ay
You niggas who lack orginalitay-ay-ay
I'm bringing it back for y'all niggas who lack originalitay-ay-ay
Every copy you'll skip I'll sell from here to Pompei-ay-ay
My shit remains the bomb diggy-ay-ay
Remain ill to the saukratizzy way
I keep it bangin in your pun-punananay-nanay

CHORUS [Saukrates] (Niggas ov S.I.N.)
(Ay ay ay) remain the bomb diggy day ay baby
Keep it bangin in your pun-punan(ay ay ay)
When I die use my funk for your carry carry oh-oh-okay-ay-ay
Sing it now
(Ay ay ay) remain the bomb diggy day ay baby
Keep it bangin in your pun-punan(ay ay ay)
When I die use my funk for your carry carry oh-oh-okay-ay-ay

I was illing and cold chlling on the block and willing
To let y'all niggas get away with the trash you spilling
But, I ain't going to float and be your life perserver
Play the police, turn this art to murder, word up!
Would rather stay-ay unheard of to the common observer
Who claim they heard of, keep my fans forver learners
My plans forever hand to burner
Understand you the man, but I'm Truck Turner
Watching watching B-B-E-T on mute while I write the verse up
Try not to curse up, we the big dogs you the first pup
Who stuck spitting the illy, yo for really
A broke hustler making y'all willie style look silly wild
While I kill at will, or be killed by lyrical drill
Ain't a competitor that will better the skill for real
Now that you know the time do you feel
Me enough to put me on you fitty dollar bill?
Anyway-ay-ay, back to you pun-punananny-ay
We was conversating on how to make your punanny spray-ay-ay
Loving your body-ay-ay, my lifelong journey a pet for sexuality-ay-ay
For real, give it to me doll and leaving those fake niggas starving
For a bargain, my shit's never for free
I beg your pardon, leaving them niggas with nothing to say
Who keeps it banging in your sugar's pun-punannay