Pharoahe Monch F/ M.O.P. -

No Mercy -

Hear me though
They'll bury me with my SP-1200
Fuck the trinity inseminate the earth now, take its virginity
In my vicinity rap is like energy pack
Sending me back behind enemy line to rap too melodic
Melodies never melodramatic but hipmatic like Jell-O fo fellow fanatics
I fiend for, who FUCK WITS, inappropriate
Fill em with so much lead I'll call
This rhyme, will remain in the minds of my foes forever in infamy
The epitome of lyrical epiphanies
Skillfully placed home we carefully plan symphonies
Who would be ignorant enough to have the audacity
to fuck wit the likes of I and my tenacity?
This is, what you, get when, you fuck,
with the, likes of, the magnanimous flows
of total assholes and ignoramuses
M.O.P. slash Pharoahe Monch cause damages
The advantage is we banish artists labels and managers
Amateurs found six feet deep, in metal canisters we

Chorus 2X:
Pharoahe Monch: For the love of this shit here niggaz are bloodthirsty
P.M: Lock
P.M: Aim
M.O.P: Cock , (or) Drop (changes a few times)

[Lil' Fame]
Lil' Fame bring it live yo, that's what I strive fo'
I'ma settle this before you get to call 5-0
You wanna see me 4-5 blow?
Nigga put the phone down fo I dump 2 times 4
What you wan' cry fo? You know that my hammer is heavy
and it got kick like tae kwon do
Now you gwon die slow, I'ma show you how
to stretch a motherfucker if you wanna watch tae bo
And when I hold this pound down fo
it's for me to put it down BY WAR
Shit is like downhill, I'ma make a nigga
smell the corpse from King's County Morgue to Brownsville
(Ohhh!) Wrap your hood, and wave the flag
for almighty Pharoahe, Fizzie Womak, and Danze
(GUNS UP) Guns down
(FROM SUN UP) To sundown
Make ya sing till ya a la la la la la la la tdow!!


[Billy Danze]
I'ma put you cowards in perspective
If you lookin for child's play don't look my way
They have never gave me any credit
So I developed a homicide fetish, DEAL WIT IT MOTHAFUCKA!!
It's yo call
It's only seven ways a nigga usually fall I'm abusin em all
Now where the real comers please stand, get up against the wall
(Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) YES YES Y'ALL
Make it easy on yourself, Danze don't sleep
When I catch you on a creep
I'll lift the ground right from up under your feet
That's word to 'Lah
Be a man and prepare to die
It's the return of the hooded soldier, your man shoulda told ya
(Be cautious if it's walking sideways!)
Intended to blaze (FIRST FAMILY )
And Pharoahe Monch, studyin criminal ways