Joe Diffie Lyrics

Bigger Than The Beatles Lyrics

He plays guitar at a hotel bar
For out-of-towners and business men
He struts and sings to his drum machine
But he won't make it big at the Holiday Inn
But she thinks that he looks like Elvis
When he runs his fingers through that jet black hair
And sometimes she forgets an order
'Cause she's so struck by him she just stops and stares

They gotta love bigger than the Beatles
Wild and Free like a Rolling Stone
They gotta a love takes 'em higher than the Eagles
Ain't love such a sweet, sweet song
Na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, yeah, yeah, yeah

She pours 'em drinks, loads up the sink
And dreams of bein' a movie star
Her mama said, she'd knock 'em dead
But Hollywood hasn't called so far

But he thinks she's as pretty as a picture
When she wipes down tables in her apron strings
And sometimes he forgets a chorus
'Cause she's shinin' like a beauty on the silver screen


No you won't find their names on the walk of fame
But they ain't missin' much
'Cause when the lights go down on tinsel town
All you need is love