Winans Phase 2 -

Who Do You Love? -

Love rules everything around me
The dream and the money set my mind back to contracts
Women with much back trying to trap the sac
But no way cutie you just another booby
God’s much better than mad cheddar in Jamaica
Give you whatever and more paper than you could ever scrapa
But it ain’t enough when you roll with scrubs
Yo Black, what you lack is divine love
Who do you love? (what do I have to do)
Are you for sure? (I’m the reason the sky is blue)
Who do you love? (what do I have to give)
Are you for sure? (I’m the source that you might live)
Who do you love? (what do I have to say)
Are you for sure? (I’m the sun that lights the day)
Who do you love? (is it me?)
Is it me or nobody?
You caught my attention but why?
Rescued my destruction in time
Requested my submission to Christ
But I gave you rebellion’s side
My pride won’t ever let me cry
But manhood doesn’t get me by
Waging races against time
…………in my mind
I’m runnin’, mad peeps got my rays cunnin’
Ain’t it stunnin’, kids out getting blunted
Now wait a minute don’t you try to blame that on the youth
What you go let them believe whatever their ears receive
Now school ‘em, what they should be learnin’ is bites
And hurts of puttin’ Christ first instead of fights that hurt
Come on team, your cream is secondary
Your soul is legendary, put it back in your dictionary.