Reba McEntire -

I'm Not Your Girl -

Felt so right for a while, almost really believed
I could stay here forever, my heart could be free
Oh I wish it were that easy but it's never been for me
I'm not your girl

Feels so warm and so safe here, now don't get me wrong
But it's selfish to stay here, I'd be leading you on
Maybe someone else can give you what you really really want
But I'm not your girl

They say people change
I wish it were true
It's something I've tried so hard to do
Now I can't explain why right feels so wrong
And I keep hearing the same old song

I'm not your girl
I'm not your girl

See I've been here before, left a good thing behind
Can't see where I'm going, maybe love's really blind
And I'm so afraid to lose the one who was so hard to find
But I'm not your girl


One day I'll come back here, and I'll knock on your door
She'll be so sweet when she answers, and I'll know for sure
That life is never easy in this complicated world
I'm not your girl...

"Nobody Dies From