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Seh gal a call wi name all over the ocean
With nuff feelings and emotion , yeah
Seh Gal a call wi a Leeds & Brixton
All over ina Berminham yeah
Gal a call wi a New York & Japan
Seh dem want dem Jamaican , yeah
And gal a call wi a Canada & Cayman
Seh a we dem a wait pan

Di gal dem a New York a call and fret
Seh how wi seh wi soon come
An dem can't si wi yet
Buy wi plane ticket fi wi fly pon allJet
But mi babymother just get triplet
And if mi lef now she bex,
Ah di flex
Seh gal a Canada call a ask mi weh a gwaan
Seh dem deh deh boring till dem all a yarn
Waant fi hold the DJ inna dem arm
We a keep a tower girls calm, wi warm


What about mi babymother over England
Me and Shashalee she deh-deh a wait pon
Gal all a search out di whole a Brixton
And can't find nuh Powerman, mi slang
Gal a Tokyo a seh how them love wi so
Last time me & Major Mackerel did fi go
Due to bad promotion & wi never badda show
Gal get vex puff & blow ,so -


Gal a Florida & Virginia Colorado and Bermuda,
Yes ah we them ask for, me slang
Gal a Arizona & California
Last time dem ask fi chant a grab 
And now a we dem a send for a Brazil & France
To reggae music dem a dance
Jamaican man a whey dem need & want
Europe girls a beg wi fi one more chance
Gal waan fi pop off wi pants, mi slang