Sean Paul -

Safe Sex -

Me guh suh den sex is not what it used to be, belive me, it
displease me
nuff a dem a walk like dem hot but
when yuh connect di dot
dem nuh easy dem nuh disease free

If yuh check it Danny deh wid suzie but im luv off sheron
waant get the body bad im waant fi get di action,
sheron guh sleep wid har boyfren dan
dan dee did guh cheat an guh sleep wid ann,
Ann did hav di disease and give it to dan,
Dan give it to sheron, now dan is same one
si dung wid susan askin di question
Where all dis aids and disease com from?

Sing Chorus right here.

Den yuh got some fuh-funky guy
Weh a try imitate ooman,
Dem dey fassy deh wih nuh waant dem up ina wih island
uptown or downtown nuh matta weh yuh com from
from yuh nuh like dem guy deh mek a hear shout BLAM BLAM
Nuff ooman got disease
and dem still nah tek a ease
and dem still outta street dem tease nuff mon
a tek dem cyar key when dem waant guh ovaseas
but dis ya dog ya im nuh mingle wid fleas

Sing Chorus right here.

Buck up ina O.P.P
odda people property yuh betta use a condom form of
else yuh gonna end up ina nodda situation
an yuh nah guh get chance fi com and eat dis one
unu fi check out di dutty dem meditation
99 a weh wi live in next a 2000
an yuh know seh dis a revelation.
suh people unu fi open up unu mout an sing out dis one.

Repeat chorus here and fade.......