Angelina F/ Kumbia Kings -

Every Time I Think Of You -

Appearing in the night,
Like an angel while I'm sleeping
I feel your arms around me but sadly I'm just dreaming
I stare into the darkness and hope to find you waiting
But I know that it's useless,
I'm just hallucinating

And I swear, your love is addicting,
I've give up my world, for you I'd come running
And I swear, that I have it all,
Then tell me why can't I stop thinking of you

*It's your voice that I hear
It's your touch that I feel
And your love comes to me, every time I think of you
Boy my dreams are so real, and I know eventually,
You will see what I feel
Every Time I Think Of You

Veo cada estrella en el brillo de tus ojos,
Veo primavera, en medio del otono
Veo lluvia Fresca, luz de luna llena
Veo que mi vida sin ti estaria a medias

And I swear...

*It's your voice...