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It's alive, got a phone message call from
your sister love and
She likes to pretend that she's taken just
some sex for the weekend
Take a drive...down a long winding road
passing everyone and
Your outstanding friend is drinking and
he drinks with a passion

It's not enough for me
It's all I think about
And now I've seen the light
It's all in the faces

Do you mind...I'm embarking on plans
for destruction
I'm not entertained by the simple life
and my mama's disgusted
It's the show.....and the love
on the faces of everyone
That makes all this connecting
the right thing and I'm lost in the faces


Now the music fans are restless as
they watch the stage show life
Oh the countdown brings you closer
underneath the stars!
And when we come they want it loud yeah
I love my fucking job


Can you fuckin feel that......