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Drink The Water - LyricsPlanet.com

The curse of deception it's urgent
Your self sufficent but blind
Time to create tormented butterfly
So instrumental it seems
Deadlines commitments drink the caffeine
Don't mind me I'm sick from drugs
Blew through your life just like a hurricane
Eight ball incinuates love

We're coming around the bend again
I know you'll want to tell your friends
And you oughta know that
Your mind your love the pictures
and the colors are cooling
Your mind your love now don't you feel
the movement it's soothing

That girl behind you she's got the cocaine
She hasn't felt good in years no
Can't wait to find what I am looking for
I know it's got to be here
Dog-faced complexion in
through the out door
Don't mind me I'm just undone
Long nights are stacking
need a drink to stand up
It's just enough to stop me from shaking

(*Repeat x 2)

Drink the water....(x3)


Your mind, your love....