Forte -

All I Want -

1st Verse:
Lately i've begun to feel im far away from you
Where, where did our love go where's it gone?
Last night while asleep I heard, you called another's name
Now, you don't remember that at all

I want us to love you, I want it like it was
But I can't run away, no I can't hide

Where do I have to go?
To mend the broken heart that you, left when you, took ur love away
I, don't ask for many things,
Don't need the gold of kings,
All I want is you

2nd Verse:
Sometimes when you're far away
I feel you're far from me
Never know when if I am right or wrong
So much has passed us, and so much else has changed
Can we reclaim the time we lost?

I want us to love you, I want it like it was,
But tell me how do I heal the pain of a broken heart

Repeat Chorus

3rd Verse:
I just want you to know
That I love you, and I need you
I don't want you to go no way (yeah)
Stay right here
keep it right there

Repeat Chorus

I don't ask for many things
Don't need the gold of kings
All i you