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Wally Lyrics

Phil Harmonic: (in audience, to uncle) Now, you mustn't snore during the performance, Uncle Donny. Oh! (turns around) Ahem ... Hello, I'm Phil Harmonic, and today, live from the Nestropolitan Opera we present the world-reknowned Opera entitled, "Wally". This opera is known worldwide as the "Rhyming Opera" because, unbelievably, almost every word in it rhymes with the word "Wally". So, by golly, let the curtain rise on the reknowned rhyming opera, "Wally".

Wally: A trolly took Wally

Polly: And Polly, his collie

Wally: And Molly, his dolly
To Fallington Square

All&Chorus: Trolly, Wally, Polly,
Collie, Molly, Dolly,
Fallington Square!

Wally: And Wally, so jolly

Polly: With Polly, his collie

Wally: And Molly, his dolly
Met Holly Jones there

All&Chorus: Wally, Jolly, Polly,
Collie, Molly, Dolly,
Holly Jones there!

Holly: Then Wally kissed Holly

Polly: So Polly, his collie
And Molly, his dolly,
Were jolly and gay

All&Chorus: Wally, Holly, Polly,
Collie, Molly, Dolly,
Jolly and gay!

Wally: But Wally, by golly,
Got back on the trolly,

Polly: With Polly, his collie,

All&Chorus: And went on his way
Wally, Golly, Jolly,
Polly, Collie, Wally
Went on his way

Holly: But Wally left Molly
His dolly with Holly...
(speaks) And later, Holly and Wally got married, and opened up a Mexican food stand, called -

Wally: Holly's and Wally's
Tamales - Hooray!

All&Chorus: Wally, Holly, Polly,
Dolly, Collie, Hot
Tamale - Hooray!

(applause and all bow)