Guttermouth -

Lucky The Donkey -

my mother fucked a donkey

down in mexico

she had trienta margaritas

trienta years ago

her purse had just been stolen

she had to make some cash

for 50,000 pesos

the donkey fucked her ass

im so ashamed it made me sick

my mother's box was his salt lick

human donkey fornication

her taco is the destination

it soon became apparent

it wasnt for the dough

a genuine fiesta - at the donkey show

the crowd would shout ole

as she nibbled on his sack

they never had a patron

demand their money back

the donkeys name was lucky

oh boy he loved to fuck

he'd get so damn excited

he'd kick and make you duck

if you want to be a star

its easy to be famous

just pull down your pants

and let lucky fuck your anus

a real freak show in the pit

the donkey's fuckin my moms tits

acting like a true ranchero

dancing around a big sombrero

lucky the luckiest donkey