Planet Of Pants -

Happyduds -

Hey dig my bag I'm at the local laundry
Making the happiest duds you did ever see
Scrapin' bits of soap from all the other machines
Hard to get used to this always staying clean
Trying to kick the habit down in the laundromat
Along comes this cat . . .

I'm not so gallant when my washload's unbalanced

Hey hey so nice
Can you touch my sock, sir
Hey hey so nice
Care for take a walk, sir
Hey hey so nice
Do you wash here often
Hey hey so nice
Can I feel up your cotton

All night long down there it's me, my clothes and thee
Tryin' to rig the slots so we get the wash for free
We share a wash to split the cost to spend on drinks
I should have guessed the way you dressed you'd bleed me pink
You made your move right then and said I'm looking sturdy
I feel so dirty . . .