Planet Of Pants -

Me & You -

I could take this rock
And smash your brain inside
I could knock the gray matter
Where all your memories hide
I could kick your cranium
And spill your blood real nice
I could blow it all away
'Til you forget your life

That's what I could do
If I really wanted to

I could light this match
And flay your skin alive
I could dump the gasoline
And taunt you as you fry

I could singe your eyebrows off
Your lips and tongue and hair
I might char your blackened bones
Tho' you plead that it's not fair


I might push you off the roof
and watch your organs slide
I'll wait by the windowsill
Until the police arrive

I'll come to your funeral
And dance upon your grave
I'll dig you up and take you out
Rub dirt into your face


It's a gift from me to you