Oxide & Neutrino Lyrics

Rap Dis Lyrics

[DJ Swiss]
Niggaz wanna test s-o that's a NO
I'm a DJ but I heat up Mic's wen I flow!
Spit shit to kill

Dropping you like a tonne a bricks

[DJ Swiss]
Outside Niggaz don't really trust them
South side niggaz gettin
So what's the fuss then?

Scat-D come through
Chicks wanna talk bout baby-making (huh)
I'm not into that, fuck that, ladiez keep a kitty-kat

[DJ Swiss]
Hot shit I'm gonna drop shit
S-o-S...So Solid can't stop dis
Flop this
Playa haterz wanna knock this
Stop this
Then niggaz find out
So you dismiss, No witness
No business, 'cause I Swiss this
I thought you would shit bricks
I got big hits
I've got dough
I didn't even really need to rip dis
Are you feelin tha vibe that I give dis?

You cant stop dis shit you know
We got chicks, ice, platinum whips & 2 much dough(?)
If u wanna try and have a go
Theres 25 of us each loaded with a gat
Hey neuch and kaish i got a ya back!

Stuck in...
People from school dat fink they're eight-een!
What's the funniest thing I've seen?
Too explicit to buy the CD
It's censored, cuz it's too cold!
Too cold- S-Club 5...
"Don't stop movin'"
I stop every time I 'ear your music.
How can people get caught like dat?
Canabis, more like smokin crack!
I'm sicka these fake MC's, soundin' like Mr Blobby
Wot da fuck you on, LSD?
Everything is bigger difference
Find out the price, get vexed
And then your wifey's, up at da T.V.
Wantin' Neuchy, Creamin' her panties-
And wen u digga her in bed, she picturin me!
I dare ya this ma bout gettin gettin' jacked
Or I'll break in your house, when I'm dressed in black, and I pull out ma gat!
Strip ya naked, take your possesions,
Then us gettin' jacked, JACKED?
I shot myself in the leg, cuz I'm fucking crazy like dat! (Crazy like dat...)

[DJ Swiss]
You can't take ma dough ya know
Now ya know

So Solid wanna reck this
When I'm on the mic I bust this!
To the beat you don't wanna test this!
I don't give a damn man.
Lyrical flow
When I'm on da mic, makin tha dough, ya know
I'm gonna hit you wit my lyrical vibe, watch the rhyme
So Solid Crew/Oxide


Show me somethin'
The man who fillin' it up, livin' it up, ......' it up!
Runaway...no way...runaway...no way