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We rollin' vogues wit triple gold on Cadillac's
Smokin' doja gettin' blowed up, chillin' in the back
Smokin on that wood got my mind feelin' right for when I ride out tonite
And I'm quick to pull any trick that I like because I'm so pimp tight

Well I wanna pimp all the hoes
In a L-Dog Lac, gold shoes sittin' on vogues
Say you wanna roll reefer slow
Two niggaz in the back gettin' hi straight smokin' my dope
I know you love it when you see me ride
You run and hide because you know that I'm bringin' it live
And no disrespect, if they cash the check
They comin' out wit the .45 between they eyes
Young nigga can you feel me
I know you wanna kill me but you can't touch the G
I got dick for them sluts to beat
Plenty game for them hoes so you can't fuck wit me
We comin' straight from the S-O-U-T-H, true P-L-A-Y-A
You in the land of the Candyman
You best crown the man and never playa hate
We get hi like everyday
Got some killa ass weed, do you wanna participate
Fuck nigga don't hesitate
Take two puffs of the blunt nigga straight pass it to me
I make yo girl wanna masturbate
So bend on over and shake that ass in a faster way
Tonite I can be yo candy licker
Yo big dick sticker nut 'em up in a nasty way and.....


[Mr. G]
Well it's Friday night and I'm feelin' aight
Got a pound and a pocket full of optimos
Rollin' 4 deep in my Caddy smokin' weed
Tricks sweatin' me but I ain't finna jock them hoes
(Pimp:But young pimp we can stop them hoes
and show them hoes what niggaz from the South be like)
Get on in, we got weed and gin
But tell yo friend that we goin' to the fight tonite
Open up the doors to the club and show me love
And if you scared get up on this bud
A fifth of that Henn ??????? and I'ma freak you like you never was

Later on let me lick you up and all around
And watch yo pants come tumblin' down
This lame got a squeaky bed but bitch gimme head
And when you done we can fuck on the ground
Cause I know you like them freaky sounds
But hold on baby, I know you ain't tryin' to fake the funk
You must take me for a young ass punk who can't make ya jump
I'll freak yo ass till yo back get slumped
And I know you wanna ride in my drop-top Lac
Cause it's pretty and it's sittin' on vogues
Wit a candy paint job that'll light the whole block up
Are you blind from the shine of my spokes and.....


I know you really wanna know why
This young ass pro I treat them hoes like Eskimos
I treat 'em dirty cold when the door close
Comin' out they clothes till a nigga don't wanna have sex no more
See you never heard that before
But that's a young playa kickin' game ???
What you think I got the rest here for
Better respect the folk
You get boned when ????
But yeah shawty I'm a pimp though
And if you didn't know, still get the game to the up to the most
I'm not really the kind though
But if you bold enough I'll lay you down and we can fuck on the flo'

[Mr. G]
Do you wanna ride wit me
I got that yak on side of me
Collard green smoke comin' outta me
White folks comin'
Better hide the weed, ya better hide the cheese, ya better hide the ki's
That's what keeps yo pockets fat
4 or 5 niggaz in my Cadillac
Smokin' bud gettin' blazed in the back
Hoes be actin' scandalous when it comes to showin' us love
I'ma tell you hoes straight up: if you don't fuck don't hang wit us
My crew be bout that dirty shit, all about that nutty shit
If you not down to die for it then you must not be lovin' it
Bitch we.....