Cypress Hill -

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk -

Stoned is the way of the walk
Stoned is the way of the walk

Well it's the alley cat
Puffin' on a hootie rat
Some think I'm a criminal
But yo I ain't all o' that
Hit ya with a baseball bat
An' ya wanna ill though
Wanna mess around ya get bucked on the hill bro

Kick it like a steel toe
Real slow
Hits from the bong
Make me feel like Cheech and I'm kickin' it with Chong
Just like Cheech 'n' Chong frontin' with ice cream
Cypress hill is here to give you a nice dream
Speak it like a roller and you know its rolled tightly
I like a funky beat so why ya tryin' ta fight me
Pigs often cite me
That's not polite G
At any hour of the day you know I might be
Harassed by a pig real fast
They wanna Rodney King me
Always tryin' ta crowd my ass
Ain't got no class
I hit they ass like the Buddha that's stinky
They wanna scruff but they just so rinky-dinky
I'm the freaka, the one who freaks the funk
Sen got the Phillie an' he's gonna light the blunt
Sippin' at the kufu
Make me go cuckoo!
Somethin' like loco
Then I turn into this loocool
Bringin' the beta yeah now the funk's risin'
Got the beta bass and the nasal highzen
As I kick a drum beat comin' straight from my sinus
Crazy nasal vocals can I make the hotties loco
I remember Sister Maggie
Breasts were kinda saggy

Used to sell me buddha out of fucked up little baggies
Honey'd up a twenty even when I had no money
She said 'Pay me back with some Latin dick Sonny'
I'd never went out and I don't think I'm gonna
Just for some buddha she wanted me to bone her
You think you know what I'm meaning
I got somethin' for the ho's to be scheming
On the Buddha Real
I took a trip to Hootaville
I'll throw you out the door of my big blue Seville
Then light another joint
This ain't no exploitation
For we are the ones stonin' in the ways of the masters

Stoned is the way of the walk
Stoned is the way of the walk
Stoned is the way of the walk
Stoned is the way of the walk

'Hit the ass
Hit the ass like the buddha that's stinky'