Orlando Lyrics

Let Me Go Lyrics

I hear your voice screaming into my music
I had to rise .............. now for I'm moving
I'd like to know you're ..............
About fall in love, fall in love
Closing the door at my shoulders I'm waiting
Living today it's my new life and growing
Searching for my time I'm feeling so good
Deep inside about my life

Baby, let me go. I cannot stay with you
Let me go. I don't wanna live with you
Let me go. I want to change all my life.
You are so blind

Stay here in silence I look at the window
Maybe you'll find something looks like a rainbow
.............. let me down for yourself
Like you're falling in love, fall in love
Singing the song I have found my religion
Waiting for you I have seen my confusion
I feel you faith that you answer my questions tonight
About my life