Reality 1St -

Straight Thuggin -

We be out here straight thuggin looking for weed in money, nigga's be out tryin 2 holla say we look sweet as some honey 2xs

BabyGurl: My name is babygurl and I be pimpin dem niggas, got em addicted like guns, slow pullin that trigga, hoes be hatin and they try to get buck, but they don't wanna play pussy cause they will surely get fuck (netra:GET FUCKED)Throwin it up for that dirty u know we call it dat south, fuck wit us we put that mutha fuckin gat in yo mouth, erkin on two wheels we be deal cap pillin and if you wanna go to war we will start the wig spittin.


Luv: I come to da game off the hizzel fo shizzel bitches be hatin on me but I'm do my thugg dizzel my name is luv, ain't shit to luv bout me I'll have a nigga on lock like a door wit no key, You know I be sportin coogi girbaud and that guess I'm the realiest chick and I'll put yo ass to rest, I bout to flip this shit to my nigga lil ne cause you know where we be

Reality 1st: yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa


Netra: I'ma introduce myself as a thug on da block and I'll beat ya on porch have that shit on lock, nothing can stop me I'll go to war in the rain, I'm like camoflezzie I'll make u feel the pain, make u bust yo shit and put yo face on the curb, have yo mama cryin lord have yo face on a shirt, and dis goes out to all my thugs in the pen, and I'ma kept it crunk for yall pouring dat hen.

chorus: We be out here straight thuggin lookin for weed in money niggas be out tryin to holla say we look sweet as some honey2xs say we look sweet as some honey, say we look sweet as some honey, damn