Collin Raye -

Love Remains -

(Jim Daddario/Tom Douglas)

We are born one fine day
Children of God on our way
Mama smiles daddy cries
Miracle before their eyes
They protect us til' we're of age
Through it all love remains

Boy moves and takes a bride
She stands faithful by his side
Tears and sweat they build a home
Raise a family of their own
They share joy they share pain
Through it all love remains

Kingdoms come and go they don't last
Before you know the future is the past
In spite if what's been lost
What's been gained we are
Living proof love remains

I don't know baby what I'd do
On this earth without you
We all live we all die
We don't know the reason why
In the end nothing's changed
Life goes on love remains
In the end it stays the same
Life goes on love remains