Profyle Lyrics

Liar Lyrics

Verse1: Tell me whjy did you do this to me
after we made plans for family
And you swore you would bear my child
All the while you were out runnin' wild
With your friends spendin' all my ends
and I heard you sreamin''OOh I'm with him
I think its time I let you know
you can got there's the door

Chorus: You're nothing but a Liar a cheater a deciver Heartbreaker
And I won't let you back in my life so I'm takin
The house, the car, the kids, and the dog
I want it all
verse2: Seven years I have lived this life
when inside you made me cry
through it all I still remained
'Till you messed up and called me his name
Please don't explain
You go your way and I'll maintain
Don't worry the kids are okay
Just rememner you made me this way
(chorus x 2)
Look at you now
look at you now
you're down and out down and out down and out
down and out
(chorus'till fade out