Eric Benet -

That's Just My Way -

Feel me take me in slowly
So you can understand how deep my love can go
Baby your river is flowing
So let me just fill you up 'till you just overflow

Just feel me all over your body
I promise you'll thank me
If you do just what you're told
'Cause you will be whimpering gently
Shivering softly but you won't be sad or cold

1 You know what that is
That's just my way
Whenever I like to take my time
Whenever you can't believe the high
Whenever I got you open wide
That's just my way

Whenever you feel the best you had
Whatever your wish, it's my command
When even your bad day ain't so bad
That's just my way

You know what that is (you know you know)
That's just my way (that's just my way)

Oh yeah completely I want you to know me
Till of your fears and inhibitions are gone
Now walk towards me, ever so slowly
Now hike up that skirt and show me just where I belong

Repeat 1

I won't stop till the break of dawn
That's what's really goin' on
You can't do much better
I'm down what you gonna do
Baby now it's up to you
Now I won't wait forever
Girl that's just my way

Repeat 1