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Right The Wrong Lyrics


An Indian woman buried her grandpa in the Black Hills
When she was young
He used 2 tell her that these hills belonged 2 her still
And even though injustice took them hills away
"One day we'll get 'em back," he said
And the sun's gonna shine that day
When we say, right the wrong

Before she laid him down 2 rest
She heard his voice in the wilderness
Sayin' "I got 6 feet of it back!" ... huh
Now we can right the wrong

Right the wrong, hear the song
Before long U won't hear nothin' but the crackle of flames
Right the wrong, hear the song
Would U rather die knowin' that U did or keep livin' in shame?

Did U hear the one about the boy just 17?
3 years hard time 4 stealin' ice cream
First offense and all his dreams are gone
How long before we right the wrong?


Right the wrong

2 3, uh
1 2, 1 2, come on!
Right the wrong, baby!
Yeehoo! Ow!

Far be it 4 me 2 say
It seem like we could stop the flow of snow in the sky 2 day
But I guess the weather man, he likes the rain
Ain't that insane?
Now sing ...


Come on, come on, come on! (Right the wrong)

Can U hear me, baby? (Right the wrong)
I'm 6 feet in the grave!
I'm 6 feet in the grave! (Right, right) (Right, right)

(Right the wrong) {repeat till end}
Ashes 2 ashes, dust 2 dust
This young man with a talented soul died when he wanted
The life that lives should not be pitied
Nor shall the guilty be forgiven
Until they can find it in their hearts 2 right the wrong