Prince Lyrics

Fascination Lyrics

Fascination - I want U
Fascination - I want U, I do

Fascination chamber lands on the round that kills
The art U hoped 2 mirror life leaves blood upon the sill
The dream U keep dreaming is better than the life U lead
The papers run out a day and 13 hours before the weed
U're so high

Fascination - Still I want U
Fascination - Still I want U, I do

The head U thought was rollin' is now reason 2 be bored
The rapper that gave that head will thank his manager before the Lord
And the headache that U moan about
Feels much better than the treatment would
The pill's gonna leave a side effect that'll take another pill 2 correct
And the whole thing's leaving U feelin' less than good
And U're still high

Fascination {x4}

Do U mind if'n I just watch U shake it?
Shake it {x4}

Fascination - I want U
Fascination - I want U, I do

The most vital thing in pop is the epitome of doom
U wake up in a cold sweat cuz one of them's in your room
(There's one of them in your room)
Singin' on the telly makin' more bucks than sense
So called King gives birth 2 so called Prince

A breakup's bitter taste still heal when the love is gone
And the breaks U wish 4 finally come along this song
Working it out
Work, work, work, working it out