Young Turk F/ B.G., Hot Boys Lyrics

Uptown Lyrics

Can ya picture a lil nigga like me straight thug'n
Hotter than fire, hotter than somethin that's in tha oven
Tha G-Code I live by everyday
Bitch nigga outta line, bitch nigga get erased
Like chalkboards
Look here my nigga I mean what I speak
Nigga want beef I rip both sides of tha street
I got niggas like Big Woe who would ride wit me (ride wit me)
Tre, Duck and Waldo would ride wit me (ride wit me)
I'm bout beefin, creepin whatever
In any kind of weather act a fool wit the diseal
Brotha and Bear look my niggas be thugged out
Quick to run up in yo house and clear everybody out
Know what I'm talkin bout
You don't better find out
Cause I leave yo folks in all black cryin and whined out
I don't play cousin I give niggas head shots
Not one, a couple of em makin sure that he drop
Look here nigga

[Hook] (BG)
You must don't know his background (background)
He been a lil donkey straight from Uptown
Nigga you must don't know his background (back ground)
He been a lil donkey nigga from Uptown
Nigga you must not know his backgorund (background)
He been a lil donkey straight from that Nolia Uptown

I'm tried of tellin you niggas bout fuckin wit me
What you think I'm bitch made keep on and you'll see
You could make me go off if u want and get ya issuse
Face be on a picture, relatives gone miss ya
Nigga I never talk twice
If a nigga get down bad wit me, imma show em i ain't nothin nice
I ain't gone buck
Imma keep it on tha tuck
Catch cha wit yo head down then I'm jammin you up
You could under-estimate me if you want
And watch how fast yo bitch ass whine up gettin funk
You gone make me pop tha trunk
You gone wish you never did
Fuck givin body shots I'm hittin you in yo wig
Ya under dig
I'm a mutherfuckin murder man (murder man)
Wit tha K in my hand nigga you think that i'm playin
It ain't nothin for me to start sprayin
Cause it's in my blood line I'll leave where you standin


When it come down to that guerilla shit nigga I'm bout it
Spinnin corners, Splittin fades wodie it gets me rowdy
I don't just rap about it my nigga I live it
You could get it twisted if you want you gone get it
Let me burn yea
If you haven't been taught nigga you gone learn yea
Hard head make a soft ass
Didn't yo momma tell u that young nigga
You gotta gun so what nigga my gun bigger
If I'm up wit no stuntin I pull tha trigga
Aim for yo chest or head you die quicker
Nigga this young nigga here don't play
Thug'n everyday and I roll wit a K
Don't hesitate I'll blow you away
Have yo family plannin yo funeral in tha way
If you don't want my trouble you betta chill
Learnt this along time I kill or be killed