Cliff Richard Lyrics

Wired For Sound Lyrics

I like small speakers - I like tall speakers
If they've music- They're wired for sound
walkin' about with a head full of music
cassette in my pocket and I'm gonna use it-stereo
-out on the street you know -woh oh woh etc

Into the car go to work and ]"m cruisin'
I never think that I'll blow all my fuses
Traffic flows- into the breakfast show--woh - oh - woh etc
Power from the needle to the plastic
A.M-F.M. I feel so ecstatic now

I was a small boy who don't like his toys
I could not wait to get wired for sound

I met a girl and she told me she loved me
I said you love me then love means you must like what I like

My music is dynamite--woh -oh -woh etc

She said - I'm not a girl you put on at a stand -by
I'm a girl who demands that her love is amplified
switch into over drive-woh-oh- woh etc.
Power from the needle to the plastic
A.M-- F.M. I feel so ecstatic now
It's music I've found
I'm wired for sound...