Alexia & Chris Phillips Lyrics

Always Thinking Of You Lyrics

From the first day we met
All my wishes came true
When I looked in your eyes
Now I realized
That I need so much more
But don't know what to do
With your love at the door
And my heart on the floor

I'm always thinking of you
Wondering what I can do
Don't turn back and walk out the door
I just can't say good-bye
I keep thinking of you
Repeat (1x)

All these days that have passed
Memories always last
Should I let you go
When my heart tells me no
You'll just stay in my mind
Baby, time after time
I'll be thinking of you
Each time I cry

Chorus (2x)

Oh baby, you know how it feels
Always thinking of you
Wanting you, holding you, touching you

Chorus (3x)

Baby don't break my heart
'Cause I'll run back to you