Cynthia Lyrics

Thief Of Heart Lyrics

Looking through the moonlight baby, and what do I see
Reflections of the times we had, and how it used to be
Two lovers that were looked as one as one looked to be loved
A romance that would take it's cause as has got me from above
But carried like the moonlight, gave it all to you
Expecting in return a love so new and true
You cheated and lied your way right from the start
So don't expect the place to be right in my heart

Thief of hearts, you said you'd never let me go
You broke my heart, you promised me you'd never leave me from the start
And all the dreams I had for you went much too far
Your a thief of hearts

Remembering the moments we had, how could they slip away
You promised me a love so true, it had to end this way
I can't imagine you'd be so cruel to play me like a game
It seems the love I thought we had could never be the same
But oh, oh how I loved you so
With words I tried to let you know
Now its time for me to make a brand new start
The scars left behind are hurting in my heart

Chorus (4x)