Cynthia Lyrics

How I Love Him Lyrics

Have you heard
These that aren't good for you
Things that'll only hurt you
Seem to taste so good
Long ago, I was young therefore I believed
How he lived was the way to be
But now things have changed
I knew it was wrong
The things that he was giving to me
I watched him do wrong
I knew it was time to break free

Oh How I love him...
I know I love him more than words
More than words could ever say
But I have to let him go

All alone
Lied awake in my bed at night
Hope and pray that you'll be alright
Please come back home to me
Heaven please make this see what I gotta see
Help me be who I want to be
Give back my dignity
I've got to be strong
Cause bear's not what life ought to be
It won't be too long before your life is taken from me

Chorus (2x)

What's wrong with the things I give
With what I do or the way I live
Does it matter who feels the pain when in the end you're the one to gain
What's so wrong
I knew it was wrong
What's so wrong
I've got to be strong
What did I do so wrong
Tell me...

Chorus (2x)