Tina B Lyrics

January February Lyrics

January, February
January came, February's over

Winter wind blows through the night bringing painful memories
Of a love that seemed so right, had me down upon my knees
I met a boy who's heart was cold, icy blood ran through his vains
Ever since my heart he stole, I have never been the same

January came and he stepped into my world
February's over, now your with another girl
January came and I let you have my heart
February's over and its tearing me apart

I get a chill right through my spine when I think about that day
Can't believe I was so blind, I can't believe he ran away
I met a boy who's heart was stone, I never thought he'd make me cry
Now I sit here all alone as the snow falls from the sky


I wonder why, I wonder why

Chorus (2x)