Edee Lyrics

Baby It's You Lyrics

When I look in your eyes
You just simply turn away
It hurts me oh so much
It's a game you shoudn't play
Can't you see boy what you're losing
I'm the best you could ever have
If I found out you played me wrong
This lasting love won't last too long

Baby it's you
It's only you
The love I have for you
You know it's true
Baby it's you
It's only you
I hope you feel it too
As I for you

Do you know what your doing
You just better do it right
Gonna look straight in your eyes
When we're making love tonight
When you take me in your loving arms
And squeeze me really tight
When your heart beats to your beat
It just knocks me right off my feet


You tell me that I feel too much
I don't know what to say
I hope your love for me keeps growing
Each and every way
It feels so good when you're around
You're all I want to know
It takes a lot to keep love strong
So lets make this love keep on growing


Baby you know it's true
This love I have
It's only you
Ooh baby, it's only you
I hope you feel
As I for you