Hanson And Davis Lyrics

Hungry For Your Love Lyrics

You stimulate me so much

Hungry, hungry for your love, hungry (2x)

So very special to me when your body's moving
Your lips like candy so sweet and oh so soothing
I've been waiting all night for you to come
I'm infatuated by you, may I please have some
Your seducing smile, I want you so so bad
I'll be worth your while, the best and all you'd ever had
Let me be the one, you give your love too
No interuptions until we're through


You stimulate me so much, you make my love rise
Oh how I crave for your touch, got me hypnotized
I don't care for your name, want to take you home
Promise to do anything to have you all alone
Every quality to make me pay for you
Your so pleasurable, love is what i'm gonna do
I've waited much to long, I know you know how
I want you all my own, give me your love now, your love now


Your love has me, a fantasy, realisticly , your what I adore
Don't hesitate or procrastinate, soon you will see
I can give you more, i'll give you more
I said I wanna make sweet love to you baby, you and me, you and me
Sexually we will be lovers eternally
We can always find peace and joy
We will be each others toy
Just let me be your one and only

Your time should never, ever be wasted