Tyrant Tea Club Lyrics

Rain Lyrics

Met a girl in science class some day
she told me ´bout her life and why she didn´t stay
in her hometown where she´d spend most of her life
she didn´t want to end as the milkman´s wife

Rain will free your lies,
rain gonna wash it away
need raininside your mind,
rain to wash away the pain

met a boy on the street the other day
he tried to sell his life well in the end this doesn´t pay
when he spoke of freedom and of truth
he tried to smile still but there was nothing but a gloomy mood


Entangled on the way,
built the house on quicksand
guess who not me,
he´s only tryin´ to get off the path
she went he tried over and over

met a girl who tried to be like me
so much that she can´t see