QB F/ C-Murder Lyrics

Commercial Lyrics

[C-Murder & (Atlanta Dawg)]

Say Atlanta Dawg (What's happenin')
Nigga you heard of QB? (Yah, why wassup?)
You know that nigga down with the click now (Okay)
I want you to do this new shit he did for yah (Do dat there)
Now I wan't you to tell me what you think bout it (It's all good)
Check it out


First appearence as a No Limit Soldier for all the critics
Real soldiers down for lyin' and I forget it
We be blastin' them muthafuckas who chastin'
Killin' mo' muthafuckas people die with cash
Golden platinum artists and Bout It Bout It
shouldn't start it
No Limit Soldiers is Billboard regardless
Can't stop the Tank
Cuz we rollin' with steel
have the skills to make a mill
Straight hundred dollar bills
No doubt we face the street dates
Triple platinum we chasin' with no hesitation
real soldiers and we stay TRU
If you niggas wanna check
That's how we roll through
We TRU Soldiers muthafuckas


Woohoo, that shits tight
Yo P, sign that nigga
then brang the weed
*Gun shot & driving off*