Sublime Lyrics

Get Out Lyrics

My place is not a home,
don't make no difference
but I have found that I need a place to stay,
I never listen what bud lordman gotta say,

You shoulda seen all the flops in my house
We were jumpin on walls and kickin ceilings
Nowadays people listen to me when I say get out,
Hold me and don't let go
Don't make no difference that your a hooker,
I need a place to stay
(disease is just the price I pay)

That show it used to be,
That girl is dead to me now,
All the time people wanna know
The meaning of the name, anarchist?

The shit you missed jot a m-mewloop with a peni twist,
What you get is the kind
No gank or cess with yellow lover
On the d-r-u-m-s let the lovin' take a hold over me,
cause all i see is this fussing and fighting
In 1992 lets all try uniting