Ginuwine Lyrics

Simply Irresistable Lyrics

*Verse One*

Hotter than New Orleans in
You're so fine
You walked by now
I wish I
Could press rewind
You sounded like a disco ball
I can't say no
We probably could break some laws
And not be wrong


Simply irresistable
That is you
That is me
Can't wait to get physical
I want you
You want me
Now it's getting critical
I need you
You need me
I'm so tired of typical
And that ain't you
That ain't me

*Verse Two*

Picture us in Florida in
A big beach house
Full moon out
We probably would
Melt the couch when
We sit down
And probably take it to the floor
Back and forth
We'd light up the room like we
Had a torch


*Verse Three*

Hotter than New Orleans at
12:00 o'clock
We so high
We turn heads at every spot
With what we got
I know we got something good
Something real
Us as one
Just ain't fair
No way 'cause we're...

until end