Ginuwine & Nas Lyrics

It Wasn't Me Lyrics

Uh, it's real, it's real, it's real
Uh, uh, owe me back, uh shorty, shorty, whatever
Come on
[Ginuwine] (Nas)Chorus1:
Shorty, say what's your price (Uh-huh)
Just to back it up
You can hold my ice (Uh, uh)
Now let's say you owe me something
Yeah owe me back like you owe your tax
Owe me back like forty acres to Blacks
Pay me back when you shake it like that girl
Yeah owe me back like you owe your rent
Owe me back like its money I spent
Pay me back when you shake it again
The don, all the time with all the shine
You small time I ball with mine
Links, minks, Bentley it's all with mine
My jams bump out to the borderline
UK hot with it, blew spots with it
Every continent love when I spit it
Corners to blocks, even the cops feel it
Brothas on lockdown on their cock feel it
It's real in the field the Last Mohican
Who survived in the streets and did something decent
Now I got plans to buy the whole hood
Legit now I ain't gotta lie to no judge
I make hits now, money I flip now
Hood fella every honey wanna kiss now
I lit up my neck, pinkie and wrist now
So girls everywhere this is how we get down
Play to win girls in the club moving
I get 'em real hot my songs seduce them
I flow I'm so mysterious
Nas, and Nasty's the alias
Everything platinum I glow
Cadillac trucks pulling up to the door
On top out the car, lounge at the bar
We spent a thou, we wild
Look at how rowdy we are
Feel like a million dollars, feel me holler
To the max with the Benz and chrome wheeled Impalas
Thugs envious to the playas and ballers
The sexy mamas fly ladies looking proper
Look good enough to be taken shopping
Earrings, bracelets, now you're rocking
Your body's so nice that I give you this option
Let you wear my big chain if we get it popping
I put the shackles on your feet
You owe me
I think you owe me some
You owe me
The shackles on your feet
You owe Nas
I think you owe me some
You owe Ginuwine
You owe Timbaland
You owe me
Lock you down baby you know what you owe me
Mack like Goldie it's the same story
Let you hold something, you spinning it right
Know where you gonna be by the end of the night
Make ya bounce, shake it, move it around
Wiggle it a little bit throw it to the south
Fantasizing me inside and you riding
Throw it like a stallion you wearing my medallion
(You owe me something, oh yeah)
I said shorty, say what's your price
(You owe Nas)
Just to back it up
(You we Ginuwine)
You can hold my ice
(You owe Timbaland)
Now let's say you owe
You owe us something baby
Oh, oh, oh