Keith Sweat F/ Mya, Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga Lyrics

Things Lyrics

Keith Sweat, Busta Rhymes
Ridin' with the Flipmode
On fire now!
I love to stand up in corners
With thugs, holdin' it down
Or be in golf courses
Sippin' on somethin' poly and contract
Love to floss heavy with shine for that ass
I love to hit and drop bombs right on top of that ass
I like to watch my whole crew break bread
We thug marraige, select chicks
Give me this head
??, stack for my crew
Not whips, it's just some of the wild shit
That I be lovin' to do

Girl it's gettin' 'round
Heard you wanna get down
Find out for yourself
How I really put it down
And maybe since you're curious
Take a ride and find out what
I do to make you fall
Deep in love
It's the things I do

The things I do, girl
Diamonds, I wear, dubs
Bentley, I drive
And the things I do
When we're makin' love

One night
Is all I need to make you see
Two nights
Why don't you come home with me
And I'll give you everything your body needs
Mya, Mya, Mya, Mya
I want you to see

Lemme get my handcuffs
Baby put your hands up
Lemme get my blindfold
Gotta keep your eyes closed
We got all night
Comin' three or four times
So many things I wanna do


[Rah Digga]
Yeah, I like to keep heads guessin'
Give 'em a test and
Blow they whole mind if I find 'em interestin'
Best in the business
Lyrics came as a blessin'
Why you be on the block
Tryna guess who I'm sexin'
Cool type of mami like Thug Castradami
Take a few years to get near the punani
Now, see me with a apple or vanilla Martini
While I get the biggest kicks
Outta chicks tryna be me

(So many things) so many things, so many things
(So many things) so many things, oh yes we are
(So many things) so many things, so many things
(So many things) so many things, so many things

Chorus x2 & Bridge

Chorus Fade