Keith Sweat F/ T-Boz Lyrics

He Say, She Say Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Tell me why is it that
You have no trust in me
When I go out at night
You're always paging me
You just wanna believe
That I've been messing 'round
With every young chick from here
On the other side of town

Listening to your so-called friends
You don't even trust your man
I might as well be doing wrong
Cause every night when I get home

Keisha told Eve
And Eve told Dawn
And Dawn said I've been messing 'round
And Lisa told Kim
And Kim told Sue
And Sue couldn't wait
To run and tell you

I get so sick and tired
You looking at me strange
Last night you even asked me why all my sheets changed
I caught you reading names off of my caller id
Do you think I'm a freak
Cause you don't have no trust in me

Listening to your so-called friends
I don't think you understand
I got same ones all up in your face
They in here tryna take your place

Kim told Dre
And Dre told Ted
And Ted said I've been in his bed
And Dick told Chris
And Chris told Drew
And Drew couldn't wait
To run to you

Oh, oh
(Yeah, yeah)
He said, she said
(He said, she said)
He say, she say
(He said, she said)
Uh yeah uh
(He said, she said)
You know don't let it get you
(Yeah, oh)
Yo huh
You know what they say
When you listen to the wrong folks
It makes you do the wrong things
Nah, nah, nah, nah, uh-uh


Bridge & Chorus Fade