Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Farther Lyrics

Nothing much matters to me
So I don't see why I should
Hold so tightly
To a memory
That I can't speak of
I think about it nightly
How you opened up
Your life for me
Why are you still lonely?
Though I'm not the type who begs
I'm thinking how you'd open up your legs
But I'm farther from you every day
And a woman talking to herself
Gathers up the shit she couldn't sell
Chances don't bode well
Tomorrow and
Talking to myself pass by,
I miss you
But know the face you make
Like when you found me out
For the fake
I am
So easily
You see through me
What do you do to me
To make me treat you so bad?
I keep hoping
That you'll speak to me
But I'm father from you every day
All I think about is waiting
And the people
We are changing into
There was a sound
But I don't know how it goes
There was something
We went through,
Blew in from the coast
You said,
You are of the earth,
I am of the sky
I don't even know what the hell that means
Father from you
Every day
All I think about is waiting
And all the people
We are fading into
And I think about you
Dying years from now
Never having known
Who you are
Farther from you