B4-4 Lyrics

Really Gotta Want It Lyrics

The world is full of wannabe's
They come and go like a summer breeze
They want the money They want the fame
But you know you gotta earn it
Each and every day

If you can conceive it
(if you believe)
Then you can achieve it
No one's gonna give it to you
Go and get it

(( chorus ))
You really gotta want it
You just gotta have it
You gotta be committed
You gotta live it and breathe it
You really gotta mean it
Never be defeated
If you wanna reach your dream
Ain't no room for inbetween
You really gotta want it

They say stop, you say go
You say yes, when they say no
When they laugh, make fun of you
You just work harder
You've got things to prove

If you can beleive it (If you believe)
Then you can receive it
Don't let nobody stand in your way

(( chorus ))

The first at practice, the last to leave
When others doubt
That's when you believe
It's gonna take blood, sweat and tears
Before you're gonna hear the crowd cheer

(( repeat chorus ))