Canibus Lyrics

Watch Who U Beef Wit Lyrics

Chorus: Canibus

Yo, you better watch who you beef wit
You might be walkin down the street, then
suddenly you hear tires screechin
Niggaz'll be hoppin out with heat and
throw you in the car seat and leave your lady standin there screamin
The whole weekend, you get blindfolded and beaten
Nose bleedin, gaspin for air, wheezin
You got kidnapped and you don't even know the reason
We even called your fam for ransom, they said, "Keep him"
Watch who you beef wit

.. yeah, it ain't no secret
Talkin that street shit'll get you in some deep shit
See, niggaz know who you be wit
Where you be at, when you be gone, when you be back
All of my niggaz got doctor degrees in thuggonometry
We all know how to hold the heat properly
And how to conduct an armed robbery for personal property
and can go without food or water for 24 hours at least
We fugitives, who ain't doin a bid, and shoot to live
even if it means leavin you for dead
Cause niggaz like you get scared, look for loopholes
Pick the phone up and dial 9-uno-uno
What happened to them crew of niggaz that you talk about?
Them crew of niggaz that you never walk without?
I know what happened; y'all heard about the double-action
portable gatling and y'all don't wanna get blasted


Aiyyo we run up in radio stations on some unannounced shit
Catch the DJ off guard and roundhouse him
Duct tape his mouth then, put a pound to his gut
and force him to play five cuts off the up-and-comin album
Just the way I planned it, niggaz'll start to panic
Brains get hijacked like planes and crashlandin
Bitch niggaz pray to the Lord; the black box
that was supposed to record the pilot's voice got destroyed
So watch who you beef wit
And watch who you suck your teeth at
It'll probably be somethin you regret
You get wet with horizontal rain droplets
Miniature rockets, comin out barrels of metal objects
Niggaz get shot in the face
on the ground shakin like tectonic plates that cause earthquakes
Now you got your grill in the ground, how that dirt taste?
You shouldn't have started this shit in the first place


Cause niggaz is comin to get you, ready to rip you
with intercontinental ballistic missiles and pistols
Put a red dot on your head like you Hindu
then put a hole in you big enough to put my open fist through
We could verbally diss you or we could get physical
Whatever niggaz wanna do, we could do it too
Cause you a sinner, I'm a sinner, we all sinners
We rob niggaz for they presents at they barmitzvahs
We rob niggaz for they body organs, and sold em to the highest bidders
Things like hearts and livers
One and a half million in cash when it's delivered
Then go to Yom Kippur and beg for God to forgive us
So you the type that, find violence real frightenin
Or hold your crucifix tighter when shells is firin
Sittin by your bed perspirin, tryin to crawl underneath it
You need to watch who you beef wit


Keep that low-down stinkin dirty motherfucker
You need to watch who you beef wit
You need to watch who you beef wit
Yeah nigga, watch who you beef wit
Watch who you beef wit