Kurupt F/ Daz (Tha Dogg Pound) Lyrics

Who Ride Wit Us Lyrics

Ride wit us, who ride wit us

Chorus: repeat 4X

Awww yeah! Do you wanna ride wit us
Who ride wit us

When the six-tray bounce, the street scrapin the bumper
wit the sound for the summer that be thumpin and hummin
Hoppin up the 'Shaw on a Sunday, what a fun day
Dip skip trippin and whippin down the one-way
Diggy Daz a busta ain't had enough against
rough and rough but it's never too much
Daz Kurupt, Kurupt and Daz on that ass
We clash blast suckers just like a head on crash
This ain't back in the day, you get taught and sprayed
AK front to the back cause we hard to fade
We enormous, we attackin it plus we swarmin
to Rumble in the Jungle like Ali and Foreman
We rippin it up, we be givin it up
On the daily homeboy we be givin it up
We be cuttin it up, scufflin to muffle it up
Homeboy Diggy Daz (now with Kurupt)


Livin it up -- shakin, makin the hood turn
Boil and burn, two buckets of yearn
Flippin stickin fools for chicken, scrapin the curbs
Scrappin for the domes straight to the head Thunderbird
I'm on it homey, me and my homegirl Diamond
Down with a nigga damn near before a nigga was rhymin
Daz, my closest homeboy
California lickin switches a couple toys
I'm tired retirin a couple jerseys
Went from the sunny state to Jersey, puffin hershey
Let off, get off, or get spin off
spit off, set off, spun off the chest
off the roof -- a hundred and seventy-eight proof of boost
Gangster Daz and Kurupt let loose
This is it, short change dip wit us
Sip wit it us, cock your heat or spit wit us


I'm tired of this (this) I'm tired of that (that)
I'm bout to bust, fool where's the strap
G fo' flow for sho', bounce galo'
Up and down stairs beats everywhere I go
Calico excursions, different diversions
Homicidal resurgance, swerve and see my homey
on the corner chippin the curb and any busta
get close enough we servin

Homey don't get nervous
Beware, that's Kurupt, fool beware
Rippin it up fool so you better beware
of my crew, dre'd and blued up, get chewed up
You and your all crap crew get bruised up
I'm the one you love to hate so give me mine
and pay dues and now I'm livin the life of crime
Switched up, hit em up, blast or get em up
Forty-five, Tec nines blast to hit em up
Aww yeah