Lil' Mo F/ Missy Elliot Lyrics

Starstruck Lyrics

This song goes out to that boy
Who used to laugh at me
Pull my hair, snap on my gear
Yeah, shouldn't have wrote this song
But laugh now baby, laugh now

Oh, oh, you used to play me like minimum wage
Played me out like a high top fade
You weren't try-na hear nothing I had to say
And ooh, you used to laugh at my little shape
My T & A was flatter than pancakes
Now you say I'm off the chain
And I blow you away

1 - Cause back in the day
You wasn't try-na see me
Now you got so much to say
Could it be the money?
Could it be the videos?
Could it be the fly cars?
Could it be you want me cause
Baby you're just star struck?

Now you be try-na get backstage
My, my, look how things have changed, hey
What can I say? What can I say?
I done growed up and filled out in every place
Now you want to be in my face
You want to get up in my T & A
Cause you see I'm paid

Repeat 1

I know 'bout your Bentley wannabe on my squad
Cause you see we rolling deep
But too bad you can't be down with me
Sorry, sorry (I am, oh yeah)
If you had a been much more good to me
When I, I was nothing
Don't sweat my technique
Cause you wanna be down with me

I know, I know
You wanna be down
For sure, for sure
I know, I know (yo)
You wanna be down
(No, no...)
For sure, for sure

[Missy Elliott]
I'm that bitch like I told ya
Why you all up in my grill like I know ya?
And them styles that you kick I did before ya
All that junk that ya talkin' ya need to slow it up
I used to be a nobody till I blowed up
Every show that I do a million shows up
They say Missy Elliott done tore up
I blow through like a vroom bulldozer
Soldier, make it hot like a solar
I break it down, break it down to the floor uh
Smell musty motherfucker naw show ya
The funky feeling worth a million and some more uh
Gettin' tipsy off of Henny then I throw it up
I call Mo, BLING BLING, let me shine it up
Call Mo, BLING BLING, then I shine it up
I keep a fo' for life then nail when it's time to fuck
Star struck!

Repeat 1 (2x)

Ow! Yeah, yeah
Laugh now baby
Laugh now baby, uh-huh
Laugh now baby