Lil' Mo Lyrics

Why Lyrics

1 - Why do you keep doin' this to me?
And I fall for it every single time
You make me believe you've changed
Come to find out, you're just makin' me a game

Why do you keep doin' this?
No, why do I keep doin' this to myself?
Five thousand times, we've been off and on
Ain't takin' your shit, if I can't be number one

One more night I'm laying in my tears
I'm lonely, singin' sad songs
Can't believe that I was that gone
But tonight I'm gonna face my fears
Baby, it's over, gotta let you go
Cuz with me, you could never be faithful

I know about the roses
That she sent, you said they were mine
They weren't mine
Though I'm tryin' to hide it, my pride
You know my heart is torn all apart

Repeat 1

Out of sight is where to go for me
I'll make it, I'll get along
No more crying, I'm singin' glad songs
Out of mind is where I know you'll be
You shoulda loved me when I was there
Now the love is gone, and I don't care

I know about the dream you had
You said that you dreamed of me
I wasn't sleepin'
You were all of my world, no more
My heart is weak, but my mind is strong

Repeat 1 to fade